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Think happy thoughts! Happynote app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 512 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: hiranodept
0.99 USD
Current version: 4.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Nov 2011
App size: 16.79 Mb

Happynote is the easy diary application. This allows you to write down 3 good things that happened each day. By writing down 3 good things everyday, this will help to build a positive self-image. Reinforce self esteem with a sense of happiness when you keep writing 3 good things for at least 1 week.
And, send happy thoughts to friends in need. Think happy thoughts!

- Allow to attach photos.
- Slideshow shows notes you wrote at random with animation.
- Sending E-mail with your notes.
- Post to Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.
- Passcode Lock
- Export the file as CSV format.
- URL scheme support. e.g. happynote://

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Pros and cons of Think happy thoughts! Happynote app for iPhone and iPad

Think happy thoughts! Happynote app good for

Allows you to save pictures as part of your happy memories of the day :)
An incredibly heartwarming app that helps you appreciate the good things in life. Its easy to use, and enjoy revisiting all the little happy moments that happened!

Some bad moments

Great app - even better since we can now add up to 10 notes! Used it every day of 2012 so far.
I got this app yesterday and I like it a lot. When Im tired its easy to be grumpy. The cheerful colors and recalling three good things each day helps brighten my mood. I highly recommend this app (and Im not even related to anyone connected to the app!)
This app provides a sweet way to either start or end the day with a sense of gratitude. I use it all the time.
I use it daily as a gratitude journal and it has really help me change my perspective. I know Ill be writing something down every night so I am so much more aware of the positive things in my life instead of dwelling on the negative.
I like this app. 2 days and I feel more positive already! I dont like that when you post to Facebook it doesnt include the pictures
Im always excited for 11:16 every night when happynote reminds me to journal for the day! This app is great for keepingtrack of the little things in life. I find that because of it, I remember more of the good things that happen during a day instead of the bad. If you need a boost of positive energy, this is your app.